About Us

Agricultural innovations since 1997

Climate change and food security are factors that are rapidly changing the context in which rural economies operate. Thanks to its in-depth knowledge of environmental and agricultural issues, 3a has developed solutions for climate monitoring, decision support IT systems (DSS), and solutions for the digitalization of agriculture and agro-industry (Industry 4.0).

3a was founded in 1997 and focuses on weather and climate monitoring of agricultural environments following the wave of the first community projects dedicated to the promotion of sustainable agriculture. This is how one of the first examples of private agro-meteorological services to support farmers was created in Italy.

By integrating meteorological measurements detected by electronic stations with field observations and predictive modeling, 3a has developed a decision support platform (DSS) through which it creates customized solutions for its clients.

Thanks to its skills in the sector, 3a has extended its applications downstream of the supply chain, also addressing logistics in the collection of agricultural products, their transfer to processing sites and the organization of information within the agro-industrial plants.

3a solutions are presented in 3 thematic areas:

  • Global warming: meteorological services and instrumentation for the agricultural, natural and urban environment
  • Sustainability in agriculture: decision support systems for agricultural production and irrigation
  • Industry 4.0: traceability and digitalization of agro-industrial transfer and first processing plants of agricultural production