Platform for the guided management of irrigation systems

Irriga-Smart is available on Android and iOS stores

An irrigation management system for sustainable agriculture.

It is a project created in partnership with:

Irriga-Smart is an innovative system that allows to rationalize and document the volumes of water use by the producer. It reduces the working time dedicated to irrigation management and allows remote control without needing the presence of the farmer in the field.

It is based on an agro-meteorological model for estimating the water balance and soil conditions. The model defines the daily water requirement while a remote-control unit pilots the water in the pipes.

The control unit is positioned next to the hose or pumping station. It checks the delivery and irrigation solenoid valves, the pipe pressure and the water flow meter.

The user manages the system via the mobile application in manual or automatic mode and is alerted in the event of a malfunction. The Irriga Smart configurator allows to store the irrigation shift calendar in order to start irrigation within the shift.