Risk reduction in rural areas

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An integrated information system to increase the resilience and sustainability of rural economies.

It is a project created in partnership with:

It is designed to support rural economies in international development and cooperation projects. It allows to achieve multiple objectives:

  • Early warning for intense or potentially disastrous weather phenomena for rural populations and agricultural productions
  • Risk management and disclosure of information to populations and sector operators
  • Sustainability of agricultural production
  • Drought monitoring

Decision support (DSS) for agricultural production (phytosanitary defense and irrigation) in order to mitigate the environmental impact of productions.

Rural economies are strongly affected by a technical change in the production of agricultural commodities.

Sustainability in the use of limited natural resources, transparency in the documentation of processes and the origin of food, and reduction of the environmental impact are objectives that, in the future, will offer a competitive advantage to the rural districts that follow them.

Rural system provides the tools and experience to complete a sustainability project shared by an entire farming community.

It integrates tools and platforms from the 4 companies and offers numerous information and management tools:

  • Weather station network measurements
  • Processed satellite weather observations
  • Agrometeorological and phytopathological modeling
  • Geographical databases and cartographic resources
  • On-board Command & Control instruments