Management consulting and digitalization

3a supports agricultural and agro-industrial companies, providing teams of experts in production and digital solutions for the collection, transfer and processing of agricultural products

The staff is experienced in the management of the vineyards and in the technical and organizational support for horticultural products with agro-industrial destination

Planning and supervision of agricultural operations and support for business management.
Organization of agricultural production and staff training
Coordination of the collection and delivery of products to agro-industrial plants

In the field of digital applications, 3a provides turnkey solutions for first processing agro-industrial plants

  • Analysis of the objectives and definition of the most suitable solutions for ensuring traceability of lots, control of flows and stocks and quality management of lots.
  • Definition of the infrastructure also in IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) mode and supply of information systems for the management of manufacturing processes.
  • Training of personnel to use the system
  • Field support during go-live phase and, annually, for the start of harvesting and industrial processing.