Green Planet integrated agriculture platform

Greenplanet by 3a srl is available on Android and iOS devices

Green Planet is a multilingual and multi-user platform that supports agronomic choices by collecting, analyzing and disseminating field data. Useful for displaying timely and spatialized information on different cartographic layers.

It allows to create integrated and biological defense strategies, implement technical assistance to associated farms, support regional bodies in the implementation of the Rural Development Plan (PSR) 2014-2020 and European Directive 2009/128/EC on the sustainable use of pesticides (agropharmaceuticals) of 21 October 1009 (implemented at the Italian level with Legislative Decree 150 of 14/08/2012).

It processes and displays the results of the phytopathological models on a daily basis and allows the dissemination of information via the automatic production of bulletins for company technical support.